Dixie Industrial Finishing Company (DIXIE) is celebrating over 50 years of providing quality metal finishing to manufacturers and distributors across a variety of industries. Founded in 1960, DIXIE's commitment to quality and service, together with its high-capacity production lines and rack and barrel processing, has enabled the company to become one of the premier plating shops in North America.

Here are some of the reasons why companies choose DIXIE:

  • DIXIE is ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • DIXIE's 5 highly automated computer controlled zinc plating production lines allow DIXIE to offer competitive prices on large and small volumes of product both in the Southeast and beyond.
  • DIXIE's large part size capacity tanks allows DIXIE to process parts 144 inches long, 60 inches deep, 24 inches wide allowing DIXIE to process large parts that most zinc plating facilities are not capable of processing.
  • The combination of tank size, process line size, flexible racking systems and high automation allows DIXIE to produce higher volumes of product in a shorter time than most metal finishing facilities in North America.



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"We Make Your Parts Look Better, Work Better, and Last Longer"

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