DIXIE uses state-of-the-art, automated, high production equipment for its plating processes.

DIXIE’s automatic lines are controlled by Programmable Logic Controller’s (PLC) with touch screen interface. These automatic lines have been custom built by DIXIE’s Engineering Team to provide increased efficiency and greater flexibility. For example, production lines are built to minimize material handling on the plant floor and maximize material throughput on the process while maintaining a high level of quality.

DIXIE’s capabilities include:

  • 5 Automatic Zinc Process Lines

    • Racks capable of carrying parts up to 144″ x 60″ x 24″ (12′ x 5′ x 2′) and up to 1500 pounds.
    • Barrels capable of carrying small product up to 600 pounds.
    • Non-Hexavalent/Trivalent and Non-Chrome passivates available.
    • Top Coats and Seals available.
    • Water Soluble Dry to the Touch Oils available.
    • Cleaning and Oiling available.
    • Highly Detailed Production reports are automatically printed daily.
    • Computer analysis calculates process line productivity and efficiency.
    • Computer monitoring provides status of production lines.
  • 4 Manual Process Lines

    • Manganese and Zinc Phosphate
    • Tin Rack (Bright Acid Tin)
    • Zinc Barrel
    • Electroless Nickel
    • Passivation of Stainless Rack & Barrel
    • Chemical Film, Iridite, Alodine

    This instrument is used for analysis of the following:

    • Used to determine the concentrations of Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Nickel, Cadmium and Lead, in waste water before discharge into the POTW.
    • Used to determine metal contamination levels in chromates , passivates and plating baths to assure we are under the detrimental levels that affect the quality of the coating, both corrosion resistance and appearance wise.
  • X-Ray Thickness Tester

    • Used to verify plating thickness on processed parts.
    • Create statistical process control information on plating thickness as required.

    DATA-TRACKING COMPUTER SYSTEMS have been implemented at DIXIE to provide the company with vital information. Managers can identify production levels, uptime and downtime of process lines, and machine efficiencies. These figures are printed daily and serve as benchmarks in an attempt to increase productivity and efficiency.


    INTEGRATED COMPUTER SYSTEMS also track process line cost data on a real-time basis. Such information provides managers with an up-to-date cost analysis of each production line. Actual cost per machine cycle is computed and analyzed.