Customer Value

DIXIE believes that success requires providing the highest level of value to the customer. We measure value at many levels:

  • Quality

    Statistical process control; state-of-the-art equipment; 24 hour Q.C. team

  • Service

    Quick turn-around time; friendly customer service; comfortable atmosphere to do business in; 24-hour shipping and receiving

  • Competitive Prices

    Efficient processing; highly developed cost management system

  • Flexibility

    Multiple process lines and support equipment, many with backup capabilities; capabilities of plating same parts on various process lines; 24 hour operation; ability to make decisions and changes quickly

  • Capabilities

    Specializing in high volume processing; large and small parts; special processing

  • Lasting Relationships

    Product and plating knowledge, dependable and quality service, along with a desire to help our customers be successful, have allowed DIXIE to forge strong customer relationships