Superior Corrosion Protection

GEOMET® provides excellent cyclic corrosion performance when tested according to automotive manufacturer’s test methods incorporating heat, salt spray, and humidity (SAE J2334, GMW 14872, Ford CEPT: 00.00-L-467, Asian CCT).

Mechanical Damage Resistance

The USCAR 32 mechanical damage test, designed to simulate coating damage relating to secondary operations such as sorting, demonstrates the superior protection of GEOMET® coatings.


GEOMET® does not come off on workers hands.


If the coating is damaged, zinc oxides and carbonates migrate to the damaged area of the coating to self-repair and restore barrier protection. When a coated fastener is abraded during installation, barrier protection is restored as the coating self-heals.

Proving Grounds

Galvanic and self-repairing properties, coupled with superior resistance to mechanical damage, results in high on-vehicle performance.

Thin Dry Film

GEOMET® is seven microns thickness on average without topcoat, and nine microns on average with topcoat. There is no need to undersize threads to compensate for coating thickness.

Hydrogen Embrittlement Free Process

Coating application process does not induce hydrogen embrittlement, unlike electroplating.

Bimetallic Corrosion Resistant

GEOMET® performs well when in contact with aluminum and zinc.

Solvent Resistant

Inorganic nature of GEOMET® results in organic solvent resistance to automotive fluids including brake fluid, the most aggressive solvent.

Heat Resistant

Maintains corrosion resistance even following an intermittent heat shock. Coating is effective for rotor applications.


Metallic flake concentration allows for electrical current to be passed to the substrate. It is recommended that conductivity levels be tested to determine suitability for the application.


Paints, including electro-deposited, may be applied over GEOMET®.


High performance, corrosion resistant coatings for metal finishing that offer efficiency and respect of the environment.

  • Water-based

  • Chromium-free

  • Thin Film

Dixie Industrial Finishing now offers the GEOMET® family of proprietary water-based products containing metal oxides, metallic zinc and aluminum flakes. The zinc and aluminum flakes align in multiple layers forming a metallic silver film. Applied as a liquid, the coating is totally inorganic after thermal curing.

Silicate sealers, black and colored topcoats, are applied over GEOMET® basecoats to extend corrosion protection. The result is a high performance, chromium-free, cost effective finish.

These coatings are the standard for industries requiring high performance thin layer anticorrosion systems that are completely chrome-free.  They are capable of protecting a wide variety of metallic surfaces and are well suited for both large and small parts having either simple or complex geometry.

In particular, GEOMET® coatings are a worldwide standard for use on fasteners and are commonly specified in the automotive, heavy truck, marine, agricultural, construction equipment, wind energy and aerospace industries.


  • Chromium Free – NO HEXAVALENT or TRIVALENT in the liquid or on parts.

  • Complies With – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), EU Directive on End of Life Vehicles (ELV) and EU Directive for Electrical Equipment (RoHS) regulations

  • No Toxic Metal – Free of nickel, cadmium, lead, barium and mercury

  • Water Base – Free from dangerous solvents

  • VOC Compliant – Under EPA RACT requirements

Dip-Spin – Small parts are coated using the dip-spin application method. Parts are loaded into a perforated metal basket and immersed into the GEOMET® coating. The basket lifts and excess coating is spun-off the parts. Following coating, the parts are conveyed into a convection oven for curing.


Coating WeightSalt Spray Test (ISO 9227/ASTM B117)
>24 g/m2>1000 hours without red rust
>24 g/m2 + topcoat>1500 hours without red rust

*Results may vary depending on substrate, geometry of parts, and type of application process.