Manganese Phosphate / Zinc Phosphate / Iron Phosphate

For 50 year’s DIXIE has provided phosphate coatings to parts for the following industries; construction heavy equipment, automotive, transportation, aerospace, air compressor, springs, armament and other various fabricated, machined or stamped products.

Manganese Phosphate, Zinc Phosphate and Iron Phosphate are the treatment of iron or steel by immersion in a solution of phosphoric acid and other compounds. During the process the surface of the metal is chemically converted to form a protective layer of Manganese Phosphate, Zinc Phosphate or Iron Phosphate crystals.

The physical characteristics of the base metal and the pretreatment methods used determine the size and color of the crystalline finish. The color will be:

  • Black for Manganese phosphate

  • Grey to black for Zinc Phosphate

  • Light grey for Iron Phosphate

Phosphate coatings are used as a base for subsequent coatings such as:

  • Paint

  • Waxes

  • Water soluble oils

  • Dry film lubricants

  • High corrosion resistance Mil-3150 mineral base oils

DIXIE can provide phosphate coatings to the following specifications:

  • Mil.Std. 171

  • Mil-DTL-16232G

  • TT-C-490

  • Most corporate specifications

Please contact DIXIE to provide a quote for your Phosphate Coating requirements.