Rack Plating

Barrel Plating

Zinc Plating / Electro Galvanizing

Zinc plating/electro galvanizing provides the most effective and economical way to protect your parts against corrosion. DIXIE offers over 50 years of quality metal finishing experience combined with custom built, precision equipment and careful process control. Considered one of the premier plating shops in North America, DIXIE can handle all of your zinc plating / electro galvanizing needs:

  • We employ both barrel and rack plating methods to handle parts from washers and small, stamped parts, to long, large, bulky and heavy fabricated or formed parts.

  • We offer comprehensive finishing processes including non-hexavalent (trivalent) passivates and non-chrome passivates.

  • Our zinc plating/electro galvanizing processes meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM B 633-11, ASTM- F-1941-07 and most all corporate specifications.

  • DIXIE operates under the ISO 9001: 2015, management system. Click here for our ISO Certificate.

Barrel, Bright Acid Zinc Plating:
DIXIE’s high volume barrel process line is used for large to small volumes of small stampings, fasteners, nails, and other small fabricated components. DIXIE’s custom built PLC controlled process lines offer flexibility in trivalent zinc plated finishes. DIXIE has a barrel zinc plating production volume capacity of up to 5000 pounds per hour. The barrel sizes are 20 inches by 48 inches with 12 acid zinc plating stations.

Rack, Bright Acid Zinc and Alkaline Non-Cyanide Zinc Plating:
DIXIE’s large part size capacity process lines, 12 feet long, 5 feet deep, 24 inches wide allows DIXIE to process parts that most plating facilities are not capable of processing. The tank size, process line size, flexible racking systems and high automation allows DIXIE to produce higher volumes of product in a shorter time than most metal finishing facilities in North America.

Finishing Processes:

  • Zinc Plating – Trivalent / Non-Hexavalent Thick Film Passivates / Chromates (Black, Clear, and Yellow) (w/ or w/o seals or top coats)

  • Zinc Plating – Trivalent / Non-Hexavalent Thin Film Passivates (w/ or w/o seals or top coats)

  • Zinc Plating – Yellow Dichromate (hexavalent)

  • Zinc Plating – Black Chromate (hexavalent)

  • Other Post Treatments – For Added Corrosion Protection; Water Soluble Dry To The Touch Oil, Mil. 3150 Oil, Silicate Seals, Phosphate Coatings, Baking For Stress Relieving / Baking For Hydrogen Embrittlement Refief